Open House 2018

The Primo International Open house has come and gone! This is a very exciting time at Primo International. We recently remodeled our entire showroom to better showcase our premium pieces. Primo International is now supplying a larger variety of beautiful furniture pieces than ever before! We are bulking up our selection of mattresses and pillows, and even our bed in the box category is growing! Product development is a serious matter for us and we are putting a lot of sleep science into the development of each and every new mattress and pillow to guarantee that they provide for a great nights sleep. We even have handmade furniture and carpets joining our line-up of premium Primo International home goods! Lastly, we may have some secret projects up our sleeve.😉 Stay tuned for more exciting news from Primo International. Check out the following link to take a sneak peek into our open house. See more >>

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