About Us

“What makes this company successful is that we are a family that shares a vision. Every day, we work together to realize that vision. When you do that, you are a strong company.” Hyman Itzkovitz, Founder

Primo International is a top leading Canadian importer of fine quality leather upholstery, fabric upholstery, mattresses, futons, casual dining, case goods, rugs, décor and more.  Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, the company is a family run business, led by President and CEO George Itzkovitz.Primo’s steady growth and success is a result of its strong alliance with its suppliers and its customers worldwide.  As a relationship driven company, Primo treats all of its suppliers and clients with honesty, fairness, and respect.  We are relentlessly committed to satisfying our customers by offering them the highest standards of production and design while maintaining competitive prices. Primo owns and operates two facilities in Montreal totaling 500,000 sq. ft. and along with warehousing facilities in California and North Carolina to effectively service all of Canada and the United States.  Primo is a permanent participant at furniture market events across North American with permanent showrooms. Primo’s staff consists of over 250 dedicated employees worldwide and continues to grow thanks to the shared vision and hard work of our teams. Primo International is also a Tier II Validated Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Member.  C-TPAT is an innovative government/private sector partnership program that helps to ease and speed secure importing and exporting of goods, which results in the reduction of lead time to customers. OUR MISSION Our mission is to remain committed to our customers.  We are dedicated to providing them with exciting and innovative quality made products at competitive prices.  We, at Primo International, are devoted to the highest level of service possible and firmly believe in the fair, ethical and equal treatment of our valued clients, team members, and suppliers.