50th Anniversary Message

Hello Everyone, When I started this company Fifty Years ago, I did it for a few reasons and had a simple plan in mind. I was running three furniture stores and I was looking for a way to provide for my family and keep a roof over our heads. I went to my supplier, as I needed more mattresses for a project I was furnishing. Because the Montreal Olympics were starting, he told me he had no product for me, even though I was a regular customer, buying from him every week! I was very upset. I told my supplier, "If you can make mattresses, then I can too!!" So, Primo Bedding was born. My plan was very simple, make a good quality product at a fair price and give the customer the very best service I could. Of course in 50 years, I faced some difficult times but I never lost faith in this company, our workers and our customers. I can tell you that even with the challenges I loved every minute of it. Now we celebrate our 50th Anniversary! I would like to see 2017 be our best ever! What would make me the happiest this year? Giving our customers the service they want and deserve. Service is the one thing that will separate us from other companies and help us get to where we want to go. Thanks for 50 Years of support in making Primo International who we are today! Sincerely, Hyman Itzkovitz Founder/Chairman
This is an especially appropriate time of the year to recognize the great opportunities we`ve been blessed with - and to recognize and thank the people who have made them possible. From my heart, thank you Mr. Hymie - for creating and building a genuinely special company which has profoundly, positively impacted our lives... both professionally and personally. Deepest appreciation, always. Respectfully, Mark Behrens
His courage to never give up is a path that Primo Team embraces. Thank you Mr. Hymie. Neil Friedman
Thank you Mr. Hymie for being an inspiration to us all! Anna Guerreiro
In the world we live in today it does take courage and will power to go on. Yes Thank you Mr. Hymie for being who you are. Connie Iacovodonato
What a great inspiring story and what great achievement Mr.Hymie. Happy 50th Primo and to another 50 years. Rita Pistilli
Over the years Hymie and I have developed a close relationship and have had many conversations about work and life and his experiences. He had extreme hardships growing up. Hardships that none of us could possibly relate to. Some people would have given up but not Hymie! He continued to fight to simply survive using his wit and intelligence. This coming from a young man who was denied an education, whose life was completely turned upside down and who was forced to deal with danger on a daily basis. Because of his tenacity, he became successful as years went by. He’s a self-taught man and I have the deepest respect for him. He is a man of vision. Hymie sees what can be done, not what can`t be done. Happy 50th Anniversary Hymie! Jo-Ann Malandra